• Venue Gate opens at 14.00 (Jakarta Time - GMT+7)
  • Show will take place regardless of weather conditions
  • Your festival pass must be carried at all times
  • All attendees are subject to search upon entry
  • All ages are welcome. 21+ for purchasing alcoholic beverages. 



Every attendee (including media) will be searched prior to entry. Secondary searches within the venue may be performed at any time during the event. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to submit to a thorough search, including emptying your pockets and bags, a full pat-down, having all of your items examinated, and possibly removing your shoes. Police officers & security work both inside and outside of our events. All narcotics laws are strictly enforced we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.



The use or possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere inside or outside the venue. Narcotics officers will be patroling both areas and enforcing all drug-related laws. Do not bring any illegal substances to the event; violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are found intoxicated at entry, security will not allow you to enter the venue. Event staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. Be responsible, and make smart choices.



All ages are allowed. You must be 21+ for purchasing alcoholic beverages by having a 21+ Stamp.

  • 21+ Stamp will be checked upon purchasing beverages.
  • 21+ Stamp can be required at the 21+ Stamp Booth by presenting your ID Card.



  • Your ticket
  • ID Card (for 21+ stamp)
  • Festive yet comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Smiles and good vibes!



  • NO Re-entry/ins & outs.
  • NO Refunds or exchange *Terms and Condition 
  • NO Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed
  • NO Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaway, etc.



  • NO Illegal substances
  • NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia or alcohol
  • NO Pets
  • NO Laser pointers and air horns
  • NO Over-the-counter medication (available inside from a medical station)
  • NO Liquid makeup or unsealed tampons (upon entry)
  • NO Glass, cans, cups or coolers
  • NO Markers, pens, laser pens or spray paint
  • NO Flammable items or liquids including aerosols, fireworks and candles
  • NO Large chains or spiked jewelry
  • NO Poles, sticks, or “totems” (except selfie sticks or gopro sticks)
  • NO Stickers, flyers, etc
  • NO Sports equipment (balls, frisbees, etc)
  • NO Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or any personal motorized vehicles (except wheelchair & stroller)
  • NO Tents, large umbrellas, chairs
  • NO Large purses, bags, or backpack (over 50cm X 50cm)
  • NO Opened packs of cigarettes (upon entry)
  • NO Outside food or beverages
  • NO Weapons of any kind (includes pocket knife, pepper spray, fireworks, etc)
  • NO Professional photo, video, or audio recording equipment (no detachanle lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs)